≤ 55 Gallon HDPE

  • Eligible Containers - Containers eligible for pickup and recycling in our Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)  partner program  must... read more.
  • Acceptable Containers - The ACRC advises that containers must be clean and free of residue read more.
  • Rinising Containers – Pressure and Triple Rinse / Videos - The ACRC has developed guidelines, with video instructions, to help you Triple Rinse or Pressure Rinse your containers... read more.
  • Costs - Since the ACRC and its members support ag container recycling, there is no charge for pick up services for ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE container loads of 6,000 pounds or more... read more.
  • ACRC & IAP News - Read all of our recent news articles...read more.
  • IAP Mobile Chipping & Recycling Program - IAP is certified for mobile chipping of ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE containers (half pints to 55 gallon drums)... read more.
  • IAP Pesticide Container Recycling Program - Membership Form IAP can help you meet your compliance needs under the 2010 rule from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation...read more.

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