ACRC Recycled Uses

One of the objectives of the Ag Container Recycling Council is to evaluate methods of recycling pesticide container resins. Of utmost importance, is that the resin will be utilized in such a way that any residues on or in the resin will have no real or perceived adverse affect on the environment or the user.

Recycle Uses image

Recycling must be carried out using acceptable processes. Both processes and uses (products) will be subject to evaluation by the ACRC Technical Committee.  Products deemed acceptable are:

  • Energy recovery 
  • Plastic pesticide containers
  • Pallets
  • Construction site mats
  • Commercial truck/manure spreader decker boards
  • Field drain tiles
  • Speed bumps
  • Parking stops
  • Treated Lumber Substitutes for low-exposure outdoor applications*
  • Hazardous waste drums
  • Scaffold nailing strips
  • Commercial truck sub-floor support members

* applications include: Railroad ties, marine pilings, fence posts.

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