Eligible Containers

Containers eligible for pickup and recycling in our Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)  partner program  must be ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE containers (half pints to 55 gallon drums) and not classified as Mini Bulk or IBC. For Mini Bulk and IBC services, click here.


Containers eligible for recycling and pickup in our ACRC partnership program are HDPE Containers, ≤ 55 Gallon (half pints to 55 gallon drums) that previously held products used in these markets:

  • Crop Protection Chemicals – Containers that held EPA registered crop protection products labeled for agricultural uses.
  • Animal Health – Containers that held large animal health products including dairy disinfectants are eligible.
  • Professional Turf, Forestry, Industrial Vegetation Management, Aquatics, etc. – Containers that held EPA registered products labeled for professional turf, nursery, lawncare, forestry management, industrial vegetation management, greenhouse or aquatic uses are eligible for recycling.
  • Spray adjuvants, crop oils and surfactants - Containers that previously held these products are eligible for recycling.


Not Eligible

Containers not eligible for pickup and recycling in our ACRC partnership program include:

  •  Consumer Home & Garden, Pest Control and Swimming Pool Maintenance – Containers that previously held products labeled for consumer use in households, lawn and garden, and swimming pools are not eligible for recycling in the ACRC partner program.
  • Veterinary products

Next Step - If your containers are eligible, you will need to contact Interstate Ag Plastics and follow specific instructions for container preparation. 

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