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About the Program

This program has been named Pesticide Container Recycling Program and was started several years ago by the agricultural chemical industry to facilitate the processing of empty, rigid, HDPE, non-refillable containers.  It has since evolved into a joint program between industry and government that today consists of mobile traveling units with self-contained chippers. These chipping units are mounted on a diesel powered, flatbed truck, along with the generator necessary to power the chipper and operated by Certified Container Recyclers, such as Interstate Ag Plastics.

Getting Started

To get started, contact the Department or Agriculture in your county or Interstate Ag Plastics, we are a Certified Recycler.  Many of the Ag Commissioners throughout the state will be conducting collections at designated sites where you will be able to drop off your clean containers for inclusion in the program.  As a schedule is formed, information will be included on this site, visit Drop-Off Sites/Dates.

Container Types and Sizes

Containers that held crop protection products, ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE (high density) from half pints to 55 gallon drums, can be chipped and recycled.  This includes pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.), fertilizer, plant and soil amendments, adjuvants, buffering solutions, and similar containers for Animal Health products, visit Eligible Containers.
We cannot accept for recycling motor oil containers, milk jugs, or other household products or containers that previously held veterinary products.

Preparing containers for chipping recycling

Rinsing is the most important step to ensure that the containers are clean. They need to be triple rinsed or power rinsed, visit Rinsing Information/Videos for more information. Past experience with the program indicates power rinsing, when feasible, is the best method for cleaning containers. In any event, there cannot be any residue left either inside or outside the containers.

Removing label booklets is the second important step. Adhesive labels do not have to be removed when cleaning containers, however, label booklets and all metal/rubber gaskets do need to be removed. If you do not have the time to remove these items when you use the chemicals, they can be removed later, or at the time the containers are chipped. However, this does slow the chipping process considerably.

Some containers require precutting to fit into the chipper

The chipper can recycle any size container that is ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE (high density).  However, containers larger than five gallons need to be cut in order to accommodate the chipper opening which is 18 inches high by 36 inches wide.  This requirement also includes 30 and 55 gallon drums, and thick walled 5 gallon containers must also be precut. As a reminder, containers of all sizes must be clean.

Sponsoring a local collection day

Interstate Ag Plastics can work with you to sponsor a collection day, contact us here. We will schedule a day and a time that is convenient for you and will result in the most efficient use of the IAP mobile chipper.   Phone:  661-764-9614

Scheduling Form – For IAP Onsite Pickup of Pesticide Containers at Farming Operation 

To schedule an onsite pick up of empty, rinsed pesticide containers at your farming operation, please complete this form and return to Interstate Ag Plastics by email or Fax.
Download the form here.

email:  interstateagplastics@gmail.com

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