Mobile Unit Services

For Onsite Cleaning, Reconditioning, Recycling and Container Tracking

IAPW Mobile Services keep Mini Bulk and IBC containers compliant.  With our Mobile trucks and certified staff, IAPW can assist with the following Onsite Services:

Cleaning and Container Washing - for triple rinsing containers intended for reuse or recycling, including containers that fail Leak Proof testing.

Heel and Rinsate Management applied in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations for rinsate collection, disposal and reusable rinsate.
Service Collection

Reconditioning - to maintain containers designed for multiple trips and multiple years of use in a program including inspection, replacement of the inner plastic container and valve, as necessary in compliance with the August 2011 EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule.
Reconditioning Unit

Ultrasonic DOT Leak Proof Testing Following guidelines for United Nations Leak Test Procedures for poly tight head drums/IBCs complying with 49 CFR Parts 171-180, the flange area is examined for contaminants, and the inner container is pressurized to determine leakage possibilities. 
Pressure Testing Unit

Container Recertification – containers that are reconditioned, pass the Leak Proof test and are found to be in compliance with the August 2011 EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule are Recertified and given a label from IAPW.
Container Recertification

Recycling for end-of-life Mini Bulk / IBC containers set aside for  removal; and for onsite removal and granulation of smaller bottles and jugs, sizes ≤ 55 Gallon HDPE.
The Hauler  Kill the bug

Container Tracking - with Drum Tracker System Software, a web based program that accesses barcodes and RFID tags marks on containers to provide direct link access to MSDS sheets and lifecycle records.  Drum Tracker software meets container sustainability, government compliance and environmental stewardship guidelines.
Bar Code device  Bar Code

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